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Data Protection Ombudsman

Why Do We Have a Data Protection Ombudsman?

The Finnish Constitution guarantees every citizen's private life and honour and the sanctity of the home. The protection of personal data is stipulated in detail by an Act. One of the objectives of the Personal Data Act is to improve the opportunity of individuals to control the use of their personal data. We have the right to know why and how our personal data is being processed and to decide about the processing, unless otherwise stipulated by the law.

As the use of information technology is on the increase and the sphere of communication is rapidly expanding, the protection of privacy is becoming even more topical. Everyone should control the processing and circulation of his or her personal data.

The controller is responsible for the processing of data.

The Data Protection Ombudsman and the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman provide guidance and advice on all issues related to the processing of personal data and control the observance of the law.

The Data Protection Ombudsman is there to protect your rights.

Published 24.2.2014